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These photos are in no certain order. Just browse through them to see fellow Knights "Then" and "Now."  If you find your photo and don't like it, send us a better one!  If you are not here, email your current photo to  and we will show what you looked like "Then" and what you look like "Now!" 
Johnnie Pegues
Class of 1964
Then and Now Photos

Class of 1964
Then and Now Photos

Jeannette Hutto Pyle
Larry W. Feazel
Alicia Gaye Sutton Tucker
Dennis Jacks
Robert Petersen
Mary Morris Rowell
Russel Poole
Carolyn Lindsay Bowen
James Scott
David Bassinger
Gerald Box
Irene Couvillion Smith
Charlie Andrews
Jan Reaves Sokol Ojeda
Charlotte Hudson Ewing
Henry Hungerbeeler
Jan Hopkins
Robbie Ashford Chalk
Karen Gray Fox Tice
Pam Reid Summerlin
Pam Smith Morgan
Ruthanne Parr Purdom
Warren Gould
Johnnie Hall Covington
Gary Braly
Carole Box Babineaux
Ann Simmons Cope
Stan Horton
Hulett Evans

Joe Belk
Sandra Stone May
Marsha Cox Lambing
Cary Chandler
Rosy Williams Bromell

Mark Thompson
Annette Cubley Meyer
Bruce McMellon
Betsy Meyertons Tobey
David Lytle
Diane Fielder Donges
Jo Rhymes Carter
Joel Walton
Mavis Odom Payne
Pallie Tucker Elston
Mickey Parker
Shirley King Brown
Thomas Youngblood
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Rick Barber
Alvin Horn
Sandra Sandlin Kircus
Ken Arntson
Them - "GLORIA"
Charles Michael Brooks
Barbara Foster Bates
Wayne Wilson
Tommy Mason
Sherry Leopard Orwig
Delores (Dee) Allegrini
Beth Craft Hewlett
Joe Belk