Saffel Foley, Mary (Janice) -  3919 West Ledbetter, Dallas, TX 75233; 469/644-8227;

Samec Onley, Pauline - 610 N. Cass Apt. 9, Jefferson, TX 75657

2019 Update: I have 3 daughters, 2 granddaughters and 8 grandsons plus 1 great grandson and 5 great granddaughters.  
My hobbies are sewing, crocheting, fishing, and visiting with family. I retired in 2014 and moved from Shreveport to Tampa, FL in 2016 and then moved to Jefferson, TX in 2018.

Sandlin Kircus, Sandra - 6360 Murphy Rd. #119, Sachse, TX  75048; (cell) 214/803-7400;

In 2004 Sandra wrote:  "I married Jimmy Kircus (Fair Park '62) in 1968. We have two sons, Jeff and Greg, daughters-in-law, Mamie and Melanie, but best of all -- two grandsons, Nicholas (3-1/2) and Wyatt (2-1/2).  Sadly we lost Jimmy in May of this year after a two-year battle with cancer. I was blessed to have been married to such a funny and wonderful guy for 36 years. We just were not through having fun yet. I am really close to my boys and their families and have wonderful friends to keep me busy and two great cats that still need a lot of love. And what a blessing to have grandchildren to keep you smiling. We have lived in Garland, TX for 17 years but still come to Shreveport a lot for we have family and best friends there. I did not work out of the home until my youngest son was in high school. I worked for 10 years as an administrator for a Computer Sales and Leasing company and quit about a year before Jimmy was diagnosed. I plan to go to work again, and am in the process of updating my resume. Fortunately, I have been able to take a little time to get things settled and try to adjust to this big change in our lives." 

2014 Update: I was married to a wonderful man, Jimmy Kircus (Fair Park ’62) for 36 years. We lived in Germany for the first 2-1/2 years of our marriage and our oldest son was born there. Jimmy was in the Army and we were blessed that his skills were needed in the Data Processing Center, so he was never sent to Viet Nam, though he was always ready to go. We were able to travel to several countries while there. We lived in Shreveport with our two boys until an opportunity for Jimmy’s work brought us to Garland, Texas. I was a stay-at-home mom until our youngest son started high school; then I went to work part-time which led to full-time for 10 years. After Jimmy passed away in 2004, I went to work for a wonderful company, Reliance Steel & Aluminum Co., at the Bralco Metals location in Garland, Texas and am still working there. We loved camping with our friends and family and traveling when possible. I love having had the opportunity these last couple of years to catch up with old friends from high school on Facebook. It has been so much fun to “chat” and share our stories.

Grandchildren: We have two sons, Jeff Kircus, who lives in St. Louis and Greg Kircus who lives in Garland, Texas. Jeff has my grandson Wyatt (12) from his first marriage. He recently married a lovely young woman (Kimberly) and she brought to our family two more grandsons, Adam who is grown and Max (5). Greg and his wife Melanie gave us a grandson Nicholas (13) and our only granddaughter Makenna (9).  

Life lessons: The biggest lesson I have learned from my life experiences is that laughter is a glorious drug that helps you make it through most situations. Children and pets are a great source of laughter, so I hang out with the grandkids and animals a lot. I do, however, love fun grown people too!

Santoro Corley, Linda - 2732 Loyds Rd., Shreveport, LA 71119; 318/635-6187;

Sapp Hooker, Beverly (spouse Kenneth) - 816 Marcelene Dr., Waskom, TX  75692; 903/633-2511

In 2004 Beverly wrote:  "I'm sorry but I will not be able to attend, but tell everyone I said 'Hi'."

Savelle, Jerry J. (spouse Carolyn) - Missing Soul

Scott, James (spouse Linda) - 10220 Pheasant Trail, Keithville, LA 71047; 318/925-6723.

In 2004 James wrote:  "Retired from the Shreveport Fire Department."

Self Cortese, Sandra Sue - Deceased

Self Glasner, Sharon (spouse Del) -  2009 Chelsy Dr., Benton, LA 71006;

Sharon wrote on 10/4/06:  "Really enjoyed the website. Thanks. A lot of our classmates I have thought about over the years and wondered where they were. A lot of the names have appeared on the different lists on this site. Del and I live in the Denver area. We have been here since '93. Look forward to checking out the site on a regular basis."

Serio Courtney, Jeanette - 6932 N. Colony Drive, Shreveport, LA 71107; 318/929-9918 or (cell) 318/470-8625;

2014 Update:  I married Pat Harlan 8/8/64 not far after graduation. Had two children..Robby in 1967 and Phyllis in 1971. They have given me 5 grandchildren. One has passed away at age 18 months. My little angel. Pat and I divorced 1987. Met Larry Courtney in Sept. 1994 and married him in Nov. 1994. We just had love at first sight. My true soul mate. He had 5 daughters and several grandkids. We spent the 17 years we were married just plain old happy. God really blessed me with this man. He went to heaven in November 22, 2011,  just two days after our 17th anniversary. I now have 22 grandkids (his and hers) and 16 great grandkids. I am truly blessed. They pop in and out all the time. I miss my husband, but I know he is in a wonderful place.

I worked a total of 45 years in the financial field. Lied about my age to get my first job. (I'm bad). I retired in 2009 from El Dorado Casino where I was an auditor for 9 years and live in my home in Blanchard, La. I have reunited with a lot of my friends from school and that is one of my high points in my life. They were with me during my grieving period after Larry died. Love you all.

Shanklin, Darlene - Deceased

Shaw, Bobby Glen - Missing Soul

Shaw, Robert - Deceased

Sheeley, Roger L. - Deceased

Shillings, Jerry - Deceased

Shuflin, Mike - 9008 Letha Lane, Shreveport, LA 71118; 

Sibley, Delwin Avard - Missing Soul

Simmons Cope, Ann - 1837 Tree Line, Carrollton, TX 75007; (cell) 972/786-2303;

In 2004 Ann wrote:  "Hard to believe so many years have gone by. Still living in Carrollton, TX, or rather, again. There was an 18-month period, when the kids were young, that we lived in Florida. I'm working on my 22nd year with Mass Mutual Financial Services in a field sales office of the Pension Division.  I also work part-time for Kohl's Dept. Store in their Customer Service Dept. Given the timing of the reunion, the day after Thanksgiving - the largest shopping day of the year, I am not sure whether I will be able to join you in the festivities. If I don't make it, I'll be thinking of all of you Knights. I am a widow and I have two married children, Steve and his wife Trisha live in Pilot Point, TX, and Kathryn and her husband John live in Phoenix with their 16-month old daughter Lorelei Grace. Given the distance from TX to AZ, I don't get to spoil the grand baby as much as I would like; but try to go out about every three months and get many emailed photos. I'm looking down the road to - I hope - early retirement so I can travel a little more."

2009 - Ann has a son and a daughter, each a parent of one of her two young granddaughters.  Lorelei is 6 and Michaela is 2. Michaela spends Wednesdays with Ann and loves to go to the library.  Ann is still working full time as a part-time employee for Kohls.  She has a new puppy who will make the perfect companion during Christmas. (Get her to tell you about her "flood".)

2014 Update: Worked for many years in the retirement investment arena. Haven't retired myself. I'm still working part-time so I call myself semi-retired. I enjoy getting to spend some time with my grandkids. Unfortunately not as frequently as I would like.

Grandchildren:  Kathy and John have Lorelei (11) and Darby (3);
Steve and Trisha have Michela (7) and Harmon (4)

2019 Update:  Not much has changed in the last five years other than my 4 grandkids are getting older. One is as tall as I am and the other 3 getting closer. Still working, in part to keep me active and out in the public. My 92 year old Mother went to be with the Lord right before Thanksgiving last year. Looking forward to seeing everyone at the reunion.

Simpson, Charles E. - 257 Bruce, Shreveport, LA 71105; 318/865-9674

Sizemore Smith, Gale -  Deceased

Smart Gimmler, Elizabeth (Libby) (spouse Bill) - 449 E. Heatherglenn Place, Oro Valley, AZ 85775; 520/575-6819;

In 2004 Libby wrote:  "I retired from the Federal Government on April 2nd of this year (2004). My husband and I decided that 37 years of service was enough. I am married for the second time to Bill Gimmler. Both Bill and I retired from Customs and Border Protection, which is part of the Department of Homeland Security. I was the Human Resource Manager for the state of Arizona. Bill and I transferred to Tucson nine years ago. We love it here. The weather is wonderful and we have made some great friends. The only problem is that four of our five children live in Texas with our eight grandchildren. Our children range in age from 36 to 28 and our grandchildren are between 17 and one year old. When we moved out here, we told our children we would move back to Texas when we retired. We are still pondering this decision, and if we do move back, it will be on the Texas Gulf coast. Bill and I are avid wade fishermen. On our next trip to Texas we will once again look for property and try to  make up our minds."

2009 - "I won't be attending the reunion.  Wish I could.  One of these times I'm going to be able to work it out...I am still retired and living in Arizona with my second husband Bill.  Tell everyone hello."

Smith, Anna Juliet - Missing Soul

Smith, David Ray - Missing Soul

Smith Phillips, Judy - Missing Soul

Smith Morgan, Pam (spouse James H. "Chuck" III) - 18147 Green Lakes Ct., Baton Rouge, LA 70810; 225/753-5479 or (cell) 

In 2004 Pam wrote:  "I have been married for 35 years to Chuck Morgan. After teaching high school for 33 years, I retired and spend time doing volunteer work for several organizations and my church."

2009 - "I've been retired from teaching for 7 years.  Chuck is still practicing law, and we are both in Cortana Kiwanis Club.  I work part-time for the District Kiwanis office as the AED Project Coordinator to place defibrillators in all the schools in a three-state area.  Also, I work with Volunteers in Public Schools and read to a child every week, and am active with my church.  We have 2 Shih-Poos, Maggie and Mandy,who are in charge of our household."

2014 Update:  During the last half century, I graduated from Louisiana Tech in Business Education, married Chuck Morgan, moved to Baton Rouge, and began teaching in high school. I received a Master's and an Educational Specialist from LSU and taught for 33 years before retiring in 2002.  These days I am busy with Cortana Kiwanis, Volunteers in Public Schools and serve as a deacon in my church. Chuck an I have been married 45 years. He recently retired after practicing law for 41 years and is working for the Scottish Rite Foundation.

Grandchildren:  We have no children or grandchildren. We do have two dogs that are in charge of our household.

Life lessons:  Every day is a gift, and life is full of the blessings of faith, family and friends.

2019 Update:  Life is good, and every day is a gift. I am blessed to be married to Chuck Morgan for 50 years. We have two 12-year old Shi Poohs, Maggie and Mandy. I retired in 2002 after teaching high school business, yearbook journalism and English for 33 years. We are both active in our church and Kiwanis Club, and I’m a Reading Friend with Volunteers In Public Schools.  

Snell, Robert Don - 1576 W. Bellridge, Baton Rouge, LA  70815; 225/275-7600;

Snuffer, Dwight - 304 Forest Pine Ct., Macon, GA 31216; 
478/781-9770, 478/785-9447 or 478/975-0174

Sojka, Charles M. - 353 Atlantic Ave., Shreveport, LA  71105; 318/861-7012;

Spillers Murray, Joy - 5205 Sussex, Shreveport, LA 71108; 318/636-4054

Springer Schermerhorn, Paula - Missing Soul

Stalnaker, Barbara - Deceased

Stampley, Charles D. - Deceased

Starkey, Ellis "Butch" - Deceased

Starks Russell, Connie -  153 Old Hickory Lane, Scottsville, KY

Connie wrote in June 2006:  "I just wanted to get in touch. The website is great! I haven't made but one reunion and that was the 20 year one I believe. I still live in Shreveport, have lived in the same house for 30 years and have been married for 42 years. We have three children, six grandchildren and one step grandchild. We have two pomeranians and they are our babies. We've had a good life.  I work parttime at Summer Grove Baptist Church as a ministry assistant. I wish everyone the best!

Steadman, Ricky - 7137 Louise, Shreveport, LA 71106; 318/687-0463

Steward Lipps, Flo - 5449 Viceroy, El Paso, TX 79924; 

Stokes, Larry - Deceased

Stoll Meredith, Susy - 10436 Linwood Ave., Shreveport, LA  71106; 318/687-9871

Stone May, Sandra - 1782 Overwood Drive, Frisco, TX 75034;

Strange, Herbert J. (spouse Shirley) - Deceased

Stubblefield Poole, Dianne (spouse Russel) - Deceased

Stubbs Phillips, Shirley - Listed on

Stuck, Fred A., Jr. - 2408 Academy Drive, Pensacola, FL 32514; (cell) 850-776-8487

Sutton Tucker, Gaye - 13100-F Millhaven Place, Germantown, MD 20874;

2014 Update:  Gaye writes, "I am semi-retired and working part-time as a writer and communications specialist.  I still live in Maryland near Washington, DC and have two grown daughters and two grandchildren in Northern Virginia. Wish I could attend. My heart still is and always has been with the South!"

Swan Cardwell, Linda - P.O. Box 17632, Shreveport, LA 71138


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