Quinn, Donald K. - Deceased

In 2004, prior to the 40th Reunion, he and his wife wrote:  "Don has been married 39 years (in Dec. this year) to Priscilla Daniel Quinn (WHS'65). We have three children, Jennifer, Lisa and Shaun. We also have two grandsons, Dakota and Dillon. Don retired medically 16 years ago (heart disease, bad back, cancer, diabetes) from G&G Distributing (Miller Beer). In 1990, Pris was transferred to Mesquite, TX with AT&T. At that time, we moved to Terrell, TX. She retired from Lucent in 1996. She currently works for American Electronic Components, Inc. We have owned a successful craft business for 20 years. Don still loves animals. He still raises and races pigeons. He has Great Pyrenees dogs, a cocakatoo, goats, chickens and ducks. We make frequent trips to Shreveport to visit family. Future plans include moving our business back to Shreveport. P.S. Don has a Santa suit and plays the part (naturally) at hospitals, etc. at Christmas."

Donnie passed away in 2005. He attended the 4th Ten Year Reunion and had a great time.


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