Lacy, John Cleveland - Missing Soul

Lafitte Corley, Sue - 1721 Smithport Lake Rd., Mansfield, LA 71052;  (cell) 318/461-4987;

2014 Update: I spent the last fifty years raising three sons and working in banking for thirty-three years.

Grandchildren: 3 grands - 2 girls (ages 20 and 5) and 1 boy (age 17)

Life lesson: Life is awesome even at the hardest times.

LaLena Dupree, Jeri - 530 Antietam Dr., Bossier City, LA 71112;

Larey, Danny - Missing Soul

LaRocco, Nick J. (spouse Christine) - Deceased

In 2004 Nick wrote:  "I continue to work as a 'Warfinger' (Landlord of the Wharves) for the San Francisco Port Authority and have been a Port Official for over 12 years. My wife, Christine, and I met in England almost 30 years ago and we are about to take a 30th wedding anniversary cruise in the Mediterranean Sea. We enjoy travel and take vacations to Europe almost every year. We live on the California Coast, two minutes from the beach, with a view of both the Pacific Ocean and the coastal mountain range. We have decided to retire in South Louisiana in about five years, however, and intend to buy a condominium in southern Italy as well. I work out four days a week in an effort to make that retirement come true."

2009 - "Christine and I have now been married almost 35 years. I have been working for the San Francisco Port Authority for the past 17 1/2 years as Warfinger and for the last five years as Security Liaison as well.  The Warfinger position is acting as a landlord for the maritime portion of the waterfront.  As the Security Liaison, I worked with the Director of Homeland Security at the port as an assistant and was in charge of our security guards and worked closely with the SFPD to fight crime along the 7 1/2 miles of our waterfront.  We have very much enjoyed all of these years in California.  I just retired.  My last day at work will be Oct. 2.  I expect to be headed toward the LaPlace area, where we already have a home, sometime thereafter.  I am really looking forward to living back in Louisiana again.  I hear the Bayous calling me."

Lawless, Mike (spouse Darlene) - 1576 County Road 3150, DeBerry, TX 75639; 903/938-9922

Lawrence Basinger, Sheryl (spouse David) -  Deceased

In 2004 David and Sheryl Lawrence Basinger wrote: "David was at First Baptist Euless for 22 years as the Facility Director. It was a good place to be while raising his children. He was also in the National Guard for 32 years and just retired last year. He was on a peace-keeping mission in Bosnia for eight months. He now works for Centex Corp., and we are still in the DFW area. I lived in the DFW area when my daughter was small. I then moved back to Louisiana. I owned a small chain of video stores and a day spa. I sold both of them in the early 90s. I then moved to Ormond Beach, Florida. I lived there for ten years. That is in central Florida near Daytona Beach. Due to the wonders of the internet, and very good lifelong friends, David and I reconnected. He moved me to Texas in July of 2003. We were married at Carolyn Lindsay Blaikie and Tom's house on August 23, 2003. Together we have four children and four grandchildren, all living in this area. Of course, the grandchildren are the grandest in the world. We are very happy and will probably stay in the DFW area. My daughter is going to move to Austin, but that still isn't too far away. Of course, the last 40 years have been very full and eventful. Impossible to list everything here. This is just a very short update to let you know where we are now in our lives. We never forgot each other, and this just proves that even at our age, dreams still do come true. We met and fell in love in 1963, and finally got it together in 2003. Better late than never for sure. We are looking forward to our '4th ten-year reunion,' and visiting folks we haven't seen for so very long."

Layton, Vernon Ray (spouse Gayle) - 10223 Checkerberry Park Lane #437,  Tomball, TX 77375; 936/894-3698 or 281/251-5944;

In 2004 Vernon wrote:  "I joined the U.S. Air Force after graduation and served four years. I went into Information Technology with Piggly Wiggly Operator's Warehouse, then ENRON and Electronic Data Services and spent ten years with SYSCO Corp. before deciding I could retire early and we could live on my ENRON savings (Boy, was that a mistake.) I'm now looking to get back into computer programming. I currently have an E-store on E-Bay and sell Johnny Lightning, Hot-Wheels, Tonka, John Deere and other die-cast cars. My E-Bay user ID is "vglayton46." I have been married to Gayle (a Fair Park Indian) for 35 years as of 7/3/04. We have three children. Chris is 32 and working in Iraq. Ron is 30 and works for Harris Co. Precinct 4. Penny is a 4th grade teacher at Magnolia Elementary School. My wife and I are members of First Baptist Church of Magnolia. Life has been good. I have fond memories of Woodlawn and remember many good friends I made there."

Lazarus, Charles - 6820 Canal, Shreveport, LA 71108; 318/631-0991

In 2004 Charles wrote:  "Hi - I thought I would be able to go but our duck and goose hunt was already pre-paid for that weekend. I retired in 1997 but found out this summer I could not draw off of Debbie's social security, so I went to work for Bass Pro July 17th - part time. My wife, Debbie, died in 1985 and I have not remarried yet - came close one time. Will see you later."

Leach Krepak, Mary - 9804 Amberton Pkwy., Dallas, TX 75243;  (cell) 972/408-7272 or (alternate cell) 214/669-2924;

2014 Update:  Grandchildren:  7 grands and 10 great-grands

LeBlanc Taylor, Jocelyn - 305 Crosscreek Dr., Bossier City, LA 71111; 318/747-3737 or (cell) 318/423-5674;

2014 Update: Life has been good. Bill and I will be married 46 years this November. We have two children: Jennifer Wilder and Barry. We lived in South Shreveport for years and moved to North Bossier 13 years ago. My hobby is gardening and I belong to a garden club. Bill is into street rods and has two cars which we show. I worked for the Council on Ageing and Whirlpool Corp. Bill retired four years ago and we are really enjoying life.

Grandchildren: Anna Claire Taylor (11); J. J. Wilder (9); and Mason Wilder (4).

Lee, Beverly Elaine - Missing Soul

Lemons, Elbert Gene - 702 NE Front St., #2324, Vivian, LA 71082; 318/375-2711;

Lena, Frank - Deceased

Leopard Orwig, Sherry - 631 Ashley River Rd., Shreveport, LA 71115; 318/550-1572;

2019 Update - Hello everyone! There's been little change in my life since my 2014 update -- same husband, same number of children, same number of grandchildren, same dog, living in the same house here in beautiful southeast Shreveport, same number of siblings (all here in Shreveport) and blessedly, my mother is still here at age 92. She has become my best friend and I spend as much time as possible with her. She has a wicked sense of humor and is on the go as much as possible for being 92. She still lives in the house on Vernal Lane and I am unable to explain how the memories flood over me each time I turn the corner off Francais Drive and go up the hill past the homes of the Vernal Lane gang.  

I have retired and returned to work 3 times as a medical transcriptionist since the 2014 reunion, but retired for the final time in the fall of 2018. I spend my time reading, needlepointing, and quilting, and confess that I spend entirely too much time on Facebook--what a blessing and a curse Facebook is.

In 2016 I traveled to Grand Cayman Island with several family members and we stayed on 7-mile beach (if you are familiar with the island) only a few steps from the beautiful turquoise Caribbean Sea. Then in May of 2018, my youngest brother, Jay, and I went back to 7-mile beach and had a wonderful week together even though the weather did not cooperate and we didn't get much beach time. He is 15 years younger than I and was only 3 years old when I left home so we barely knew each other before we took this trip together. He's now a best friend and "what happens in Grand Cayman stays in Grand Cayman.” My third trip is planned for this coming June with my daughter and her husband to celebrate her 50th birthday. I've yet to try snorkeling but it is on my bucket list and just might take the plunge this trip. 

Signing off for now. Take care and hope to see many of you at the upcoming 55-year-reunion in April 2019.

2014 - After graduation in 1964, I attended Centenary College for 3 years. The summer following my sophomore year, I went on a blind date arranged by a sorority sister and I knew at the end of the date that this was the man I would marry. It took him 3 weeks to figure it out! Anyway, we married a year later in 1967 and in 1968 we moved to Cleveland, Ohio. After Cleveland, we roamed the country with job transfers and career changes and finally in 2010, after my dad died, we returned to Shreveport to be with family. My 4 siblings, my mother (who is amazing at 87 years of age) and my youngest daughter all live here so it made perfect sense to come back. My husband fell in 2006 and broke his neck and is wheelchair/bedbound so right after my dad died, my daughter decided I needed to move back home where I would have some help and support in caring for my husband. She found a lot, hired a builder, and had a wheelchair accessible house built (with our input and funds, of course) and we saw the house for the first time 2 days before we moved in. Not your typical way to build a new house, but I am extremely happy here with family so close. I didn't realize how much I had missed them until we moved back.

Calvin took early retirement at age 59 and I retired 1 year ago. He was with John Deere Corporation and Electronic Data Systems during his working life. After finally finishing college and taking some post graduate work, I worked as the Director of Health Information Management in various acute care hospitals, depending on which city we lived in.  

We have 3 children -- Melinda is 45, Calvin III and Catherine are 41 (twins) and the twins were born on Melinda's 4th birthday so needless to say, we have quite the birthday party.  
Grandchildren number 7, ages 2 to 20. Their pictures are on my facebook page, so take a look if you're interested.

Hobbies include most anything that involves a needle (no, not the hypodermic kind ! !) and now I am making patchwork quilts on a computerized sewing/embroidery machine that was the best birthday gift I ever received.  

I've worked on the 50-year Reunion Committee and have had the best time of my life. This will be my first reunion as I have been a Missing Soul for many years and I can't tell you how much I am looking forward to seeing everyone again. I work on the committee registration team and the registrations are coming to my house and every time I go to the mailbox and registrations are there, I feel like it is Christmas morning so keep 'em coming.  

See you at the reunion and as Jan Hopkins says in the videos, "be here or be square."

Lester, Gene - Deceased

Lewing, Hosea - 9641 Rosalie Loop, Keithville, LA 71047; 318/933-8289

Lewis Canizaro, Joyce - Deceased 2017

Linder Prather, Amy - 10104 Carlsbad, Shreveport, LA 71115

Lindsay Blaikie Bowen, Carolyn - 7022 Old Vashti Rd., Bowie, TX 76230; 972/822-4496;

Update 2018:  On July 4, 2015 I married again....never expected that to happen but as the saying goes...."never say never"!!! Dave Bowen is a wonderful singing, dancing, team-roping cowboy from Texas and we are loving life on a little ranch in Bowie, Tx. Our wedding was at my niece, Teri Netterville's home in Shreveport with my other nieces and my daughter providing the coolest "country wedding" ever!!!! Our WHS classmates, Johnny Ramsey served as the "minister" and Patricia Nolan Ramsey composed the most perfectly worded vows; Jan Hopkins was our amazing photographer capturing all the memories of the day in pictures. It was absolutely beautiful in every way with lots of family and friends gathered under the trees to celebrate with us. Life continues to be one blessed day after another!! I continue to thank God for the family and friends He has allowed me to do life with now expanding my circle with bonus family!!!

In 2004 Carolyn wrote:  "After graduation, I attended Northwestern in Natchitoches for two years, then worked for Delta Airlines for two years. I met my husband, Tom, in Jackson, MS and we married in 1969. Through the years, we've lived in Houston, Boston, Atlanta (four different times), New Orleans (twice), Sarasota, Shreveport and Ft. Lauderdale (twice). In July of 2003, we decided to permanently relocate to the North Dallas area to be near our only child and four grandchildren. We now live in The Colony, TX and are enjoying the daily fun of 'grand-parenting.' In August 2003, we had the privilege of hosting the wedding of dear friends and 'high school sweethearts,' Sheryl Lawrence and David Basinger. It was a mini-reunion with Charlotte Hudson, Pam Reid, Jennifer Marrs, Sarah Grunwald, Warren Gould and myself in attendance. God has blessed me with a loving family and wonderful friends, for which I thank Him daily!"

2009 - "Since our 40th reunion, life has been a bit of a challenge. My husband, Tom, was diagnosed with cancer in December 2006 and lost that battle in May 2008.  We had a wonderful life together for 38+ years and I will be forever grateful for the sweet memories that are such a comfort now!  My friends ( many of whom are "Class of 1964" classmates), and my family have been incredibly supportive, as I find my way in this new stage of life.  For now I live in The Colony, TX (a suburb of Dallas) but am considering relocating, as my daughter and family are moving from The Colony to Birmingham in the near future.  I continue to see that God has the provision before I even have the need, so I trust Him with the future!  It is a blessing to be a part of such a special group as the "WHS Class of 1964".  Thanks for the memories!

2014 Update: Since 2009 I moved from the Colony, TX to live with my sister in Arlington, TX after my daughter and family moved to Nashville, TN.  My sister, Barbara Lindsay Spinks, WHS 1966, (her husband, Tommy Spinks, also WHS Class of '66, passed away 8 months before my husband).  We love to travel and do as often as we can. We also discovered that our favorite form of exercise is country dancing! Aside from that, we stay busy keeping up with grandkids. Life continues to be an adventure filled with the blessing of good friends and sweet family.

Grandchildren:  I have 4 amazing grandchildren -  1 grandson and 3 granddaughters - Quint (17); Jackson (15); Kari (13); an Blaikie (10).

Life Lessons:  The best things in life are not things! No time is wasted spent making a friend!

Linn, Teddy - 306 Beverly Lake Drive, Bossier City, LA 71111;  318/746-5282 or 318/682-3727;

Lites, Marcus - 1656 Overwood Drive, Frisco, TX 75034

Litton Puckett, Barbara - 1321 Cedar Cliff Dr., Beaver Creek, OH 45434; 937/429-3243.

Lockwood, Billy Rex - 2767 Mackey Ln., Shreveport, LA  71118; 

Long, Burton (spouse Gretchen Budemer) - 3063 Hayes Dr., Shreveport, LA 71118; 318/688-2502;

In 2004 Burton wrote:  "Married to Gretchen Budemer since 1/28/66. Have one daughter, Jamie, 29 years old and three wonderful grandchildren: twins Luke and Anna, 3 and Erin Grace, 3 months. Currently employed by Ben E. Keith Foods in sales. Love selling; have been in this industry since 1978."

Lottinger Fouts, Eva Ruth - no current address available

Lunsford, Charles - 2806 Doles Place, Shreveort, LA 71104

Lyles, Murriel (Butch) - Missing Soul

Work information:  Director of Cardio-Pulmonary Services, Doctors' Hospital of Opelousas, 3983 I-49 South Service Road, Opelousas, LA 70570; (office) 337/947-2165; (fax) 337/948-2342

Lytle, David F. - 6114 Fairfield Ave., Shreveport, LA 71106; 318/868-3981

In 2004 David wrote:  "I am a semi-retired cabinet maker and furniture maker. I do some small jobs, mainly furniture work. I have lived and worked in Seattle, San Francisco and in Tennessee. I returned to Shreveport (Cedar Grove) in 1998. I have been divorced since 1988 and have two daughters and six grandkids."


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