Hagan Maxey, Phyllis Lanette - P.O. Box 185 Bentley, LA 71407

Hagler, Gary - 10214 Cardiff Dr., Keithville, LA 71047

Hall Covington, Johnnie - 2518 Captain Sawyer Drive, Shreveport, LA 71104; 318/865-5955;  FuschiaRoadKing@aol.com

2019 Update: I taught 7th and 8th grades at parochial schools in Shreveport before moving to Black Bayou Lake in Benton, LA. There I joined the Bossier Parish Sheriff's Department and really enjoyed my career especially in the detective division. After my retirement, I worked another 10 years for the Caddo Parish Truancy Center. I live in a part of Shreveport called Wright Island which is in Bossier Parish. (Blame it on Captain Shreve.) It seems strange to travel to Bossier City to vote for Shreveport mayor. I have 7 grandchildren and 3 great grandsons. I enjoy taking classes at the library, volunteering as an usher at local theaters, being an active member of Ark-La-Tex Genealogical Association, AARP, Neighborhood Watch, and Caddo Council on Aging. Gardening, reading, cooking, watching t.v., helping neighbors, writing, and Facebooking fill my time. 

Hamlet, Myrl - 5230 Haywood Drive, Keithville, LA 71047;
318/775-4120 or (cell) 318/564-3835; myrlhamlet@yahoo.com

Hamlett, Donald Perry - Deceased

Hance, Cone, Jr. - 212 High Meadow Ct., Greer SC 29650;  hancec@aol.com

Hand, Donna - Deceased

Hannigan Booty, Ann - Deceased

Hart Ragan, Sharon Diane - 1818 Rogers Rd., Apt. 614, San Antonio, TX 78251

Harvey, Charles, B. - Missing Soul

Hay Tucker Carpenter, Carolyn - Deceased

Hay Hancock, Mary Margaret - Missing Soul

Hays, Billy J. - Missing Soul

Heel Baker, Judy - 5418 Briarcliff Circle, Shreveport, LA 71109

Hennard, Kenneth - 13 Ash Court N.E., Cartersville, GA 30121; 214/282-7234; khennard@mindspring.com  

Herren Whorton, Woody - 6824 Grabault Rd., Bastrop, LA 71220; 318/281-8435 or 318/281-5768; whwhorton@yahoo.com

Hetrick, Bobbie (spouse Keith A. - deceased) - 4118 Honda Drive, Shreveport, LA 71119; 318/636-2371 or (cell) 318/210-8348; miztaz@bellsouth.net

Hicks, Noble, Judy - 6559 Quinn Church, Shreveport, LA 71129; 318/688-3667; topaz1546@yahoo.com

Hill, James Daniel (spouse Phyllis) - 8579 North Park Place, Shreveport, LA 71107; 318/929-3086

In 2004 James wrote:  "I am married to Phyllis Hannigan (WHS '65). Phyllis is an elementary school teacher at Herndon Magnet School. We have been married for 39 years. After leaving Woodlawn, I earned a B.A. degree at Northwestern State College, a Master of Divinity at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Ft. Worth, a Doctor of Ministry at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, a Master of Arts in Counseling at Louisiana Tech University. I have been a pastor for the past 33 years. I am presently pastor of First Baptist Church of Blanchard, LA where I have served since 1983. I really enjoy going on mission trips. In the past eight years, I have taken ten mission teams to places such as Romania, Kyrgyzstan, and Mexico. Phyllis and I have two sons.  Lance, who is married to Kim, is an Elementary P.E. teacher in Niceville, FL, and Lonnie, who is married to Mari, a young lady from Romania, is Minister of Youth at First Baptist Church, Blanchard. Lance and Kim gave us our first grandchild, Jake Daniel Hill recently. He was born on 10/3/04. (Yes, I have pictures!) I remember my days in high school fondly. We were blessed to have had something very special during our time at Woodlawn. We had a lot of great teachers but out of them all, it was Mrs. Susie Whitaker who impacted my life the most. I know she had that effect on many of her other students as well. I am grateful for the friends, the education and the foundation for life that we received at WHS!"

Hodge, Barbara - Missing Soul

Hodge Warren, Delaine - 1025 Brooks Lane, Kaufman, TX 75142; 972/932-5151 

Hoffman, Robert - 10722 St. Charles Place, Keithville, LA 71047; 318/925-1700

Hogan, John Paul - 1120 N. Saddlebrook Ct., St. Charles, MO 63304; 636/441-0706; johnyhogan@att.net

2019 Update:  Things are quiet-n-peaceful here in St. Louis; we've been inundated with rain (a Bomb Cyclone, whatever that is) and follow-up rain! We're wet!

The 'Midwest United States' are saturated ... we're experiencing a late planting season! Food prices in the fall are going to be higher! I'm a political junky ... and Missouri Politics is a joke! Our Democratic-declared Republican Governor, resigned just after winning the Governorship! The brand-new Lt. Governor took his place; the Missouri Legislature wanted another election, to pick a new Governor! Then low-n-behold, the State woke-up to the fact that Our two U.S. Senators (both Republican) and our brand-new Governor (a Republican) were all from Springfield, Missouri (The lower, South-west corner of the state, population about 125,000 people) How did that happen ... and can you believe that?
In politics Miracles Happen! Thank you for the time we were at Woodlawn! 

Update 2018: Right now 'I'm retired' and I've been retired since '08! My two passions are politics and writing (nothing's been published)! This year,2018, I filed and ran against U.S. Senator Claire McCaskall (D-Mo)! My filing 'for the U.S. Senate' caused quite a stir ... 4 other candidates filed when I filed; I was the only candidate from the St. Louis area (half the population of Missouri lives in St. Louis)! I had a lot of fun ... State wide I got 15,000 plus votes. I've run for the 2nd Congressional District, Missouri (St Louis) ... in 04, 06 and 08! My sense of humor leaves a lot to be desired!

I'm writing a series titled 'Zitadel' (about Nazi Germany) .... Historical Fiction! Presently I'm working-on 'Book #12 (one of my orphans).' Most of my novel's run about 80,000 words. My imagination keeps me busy (writing) and I do my best work 'when-its'-snowing! It's cold outside. I never married! I'm living 'the good life!' My family's large and we're all well, happy and in reasonably good health! Take Care .... Hogan! 

Hogan, Randy (spouse Karen Carr)- 9113 Chimes Drive, Shreveport, LA 71115; 972/233-1194; rhogan1@yahoo.com 

Honley, George - Missing Soul

Hood McCalister, Judy (spouse Moss) - 3692 FM 805, Jefferson, TX 75657; 903/665-8364; mjmccalister@directv.net

Hopkins, Jan - 2077 Pepper Ridge, Shreveport, LA 71115; 318/210-6254; forresthunter@comcast.net 

In 2004 Jan wrote:  "Employed by General Motors as Tooling Engineer for 28 years. Four grandchildren, two children, two wives, five dogs, seven cats. Still working, still teaching Sunday School, still have most of my hair, still have a 44-inch chest (but it has fallen six inches)."

2009 - "I'm retired from General Motors (or what's left of it) and am married (Deborah) with 2 children and 4 grandchildren.  I am currently working for Quest Recycling as a "nutty professor" (design and build recycling equipment).  I've been a Sunday School teacher for many years, enjoy working out, remodeling my "fixer-upper" house, losing money in the stock market, playing with the grandkids, going to movies, absorbing all the political news, being a right-wing Christian conservative while remaining humble."

Hopkins, Ray - Missing Soul

Hopkins Dowling, Sandra (spouse Bill) - 9511 Hackberry Drive, Shreveport, LA 71115; 318/798-0629 or (cell) 318/470-2629; sandow@bellsouth.net

2014 Update: I married; had three children who are now scattered and in their 40s; worked; and have had a good life. We have been blessed in many ways and are enjoying retirement. 

Grandchildren: Two grandchildren, Jonathan Barnes (13) and Emily Barnes (11).

Life lessons: Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him and He will make your way straight (Proverbs 3:5-6).

Horn, Alvin R. (spouse Virginia) - 9938 Greentree Lane, Shreveport, LA 71118; 318/820-1703; alvin.horn01@gmail.com

2018 Update:  We got our first grandson in August 2018. Built another house in 2016 (wife says it's the last one). Paid it off in two years, so wife said I could retire (2nd time). Retired from CPSB in July 2018. Bought an RV and plan to go camping.

2014 Update: After graduation, I enrolled in LA Tech. After a couple of semesters, I joined the Air Force, served for 4 years and came out as a SSGT. I guess you can say my life started after I got out of the service. Several things happened almost at the same time: I got serious about going to church, started working for the utility company, bought a house and got married to a Fair Park girl. Virginia and I are still married and have two great kids. Pat is in the Army National Guard and is on his fourth deployment; Christian works locally and both are still single. I retired from Arkla gas in 1999, but am still working. We are looking to build a new house this year, and I will retire again when it is paid for. For the most part, life is good.

Grandchildren: No grandchildren yet, but I am hopeful…got to find spouses first!

Life lessons: I once thought that if I could get to that six figure job, life would be good. Well I did get there but life was not good. I found that if you are serving God, have a family that loves you, then money does not matter.

Horton, Jimmy - 3561 Wingfield, Bossier City, LA 71112.

Horton East, Pam - 265 Mulberry Lane, Elm Grove, LA 71051; 318/987-2015 or (cell) 318/347-7240; pameast@smithermanlaw.com

2014 Update: I worked as a cross-country truck driver for a couple of years. I have worked at the Smitherman Law Firm, L.C. since 1980 and am still there. I married Wayne Shadowens soon after high school. I am sorry to say that he passed away several years ago. I am remarried to Bill East.

Grandchildren: We have four children, 14 grandchildren and 11 great grandchildren. They are all completely different from each and all are precious.

Life lessons: Stay calm and keep on going!

Horton, Stan (spouse Barbara) - 721 Sandlin Dr., Bedford, TX 76021; (cell) 817/875-8823; stanhorton@sbcglobal.net

In 2004 Stan wrote:  "I am an electrician with American Airlines, based at DFW since 2/91.  My hobbies are motorcycle riding, golf, carpentry, photography and travel. I have two married sons and seven grandchildren."

2009 - "I'm married to Barbara (formerly Barbara Ann Mitchell from KC, MO); have 8 grandchildren (2 sons), live in Bedford, TX, work for American Airlines as an Electrician.  My wife works for FSMB (Federation of State Medical Boards) which certifies doctors to practice medicine country-wide.  We are newlyweds, 17 months, and God saved the best for last!"

2014 Update: After a good career with American Airlines as an Electrician based at DFW, I retired in 12/12. My hobbies are swimming, travel, and forever trying to stay ahead of certain chores - a garage that HAS to clutter itself, constant pool maintenance, and weeds that grow overnight. I have two married sons, Craig and Randy, each graduating with honors, and each with four children.

I married Barbara, (formerly Barbara Ann Mitchell) from KC, Mo.) in ’08 after meeting on Match.Com. As we began our courtship, we discovered we shared the SAME birthday of 11/24, she five years younger. She brought with her a most beautiful daughter, Catherine, who is highly successful in her career as head of a woman’s division of a Medical group. Barbara retired last year 11/13 to pursue her writing career and is publishing her own work, head of a local writer`s group she founded, created her own publishing company, and is currently editing books such as “Words of Art”, with a movie of the same name to be released later this year. 

I will copy my old line, "God saved the best for last!” What Great Friends You Are!!!!!!

Hudson Ewing, Charlotte (spouse Sandy) - 17537 Amelia Drive, Baton Rouge, LA 70810; 225/753-9049 or (cell) 225/413-4992; shotze414@aol.com

In 2004 Charlotte wrote:  "I have worked alongside my husand Sandy of 38 years in our business, Ewing Aquatech Pools. After retiring a few years back from the accounting and furniture retail division, I have been enjoying tennis (50 is way too late to start a hand-eye coordination sport) and bridge, obtaining a .25 master point (whoo-whoo). I would be farther along but the concentration goes, too, at this age, as you may already know. But I would say the best thing I have done in my life is grandmothering. Our two married children have 'gifted us' with two precious little boys, Brennan (3) and Hudson (9 mons). My other passion is geneology and writing (Lucretia Holmes would be so proud...remember her?...Journalism 101). Have been working on a novel for the past four years, and if it ever becomes published I would appreciate it if you'd stand in line at the book signing nearest you for an autographed copy. (Probably Barnes & Nobel or some other large book chain...tee-hee). On a more normal note, I must tell you that some of my fondest memories include so many of YOU. High school was a great time in our lives and I hope you look back with broad smiles on your face. I pray your lives are happy and content and will continue to be richly blessed."

2014 Update:  Half century - gee that makes me sound OLD. Retired in early 80's and spent time playing tennis, bridge and traveling. Working on a second book, but ever so slowly. My "artist self" appeared about 3 years ago and I now paint with focus on contemporary inspirational art.  Who knew?

Grandchildren:  3 boys - Brennan (13), Hudson (10) an Luke (7)
Spent a great deal of time cuddling and guiding these little men to be the best they can be. It truly does take a village!

Life Lessons:  Life is short and fleeting; death is inevitable and final. So determine to be happy and love the ones you're with. (And I don't care that this sentence ends in a preposition.)

Hudson Lout, Wanda Gail - 270 Lout Lane, Homer, LA 71040

Huff, Chris (spouse Edith) - 12598 Ducks Landing, Frisco, TX 75034; 214/407-7531

Hughes, Lewis Vincent - Missing Soul

Hughes, Tommy - Missing Soul

Hungerbeeler, Henry (spouse Anne) - 2609 Kensington Place, Levenworth, KS 66048; 913/250-5564 or (cell) 573/694-0574; hungerbeeler@gmail.com

In 2004 Henry wrote:  "I have been married to the former Anne Holton of Colorado Springs, CO for 36 years. We have two children and four grandchildren. Our son, Lee, is in the U.S. Army at Ft. Sill, OK. He and his wife have a son and a daughter. For these and many other reasons, we feel extremely blessed. I retired from the Air Force as a Colonel after over 30 years. I recently retired (again) from the position of Director (CEO) of the Missouri Department of Transportation. I am currently relaxing and doing a little consulting in the areas of security and transportation."

2014 Update: A recap of the last half century:
1964-1968 United States Air Force Academy
1968-1998 Active duty in the USAF
1999-2004 Secretary of Transportation for the state of Missouri
Currently working on a contract with the U.S. Army as a subject matter expert on enemy aviation.

Grandchildren: 2 children and 4 grandchildren – my greatest accomplishment, but the credit really goes to my wife of 46 years, Anne.

Life lessons: I wish I knew then what I know now…

Hutto Pyle, Jeannette (spouse Louis) - 679 CR 4592, Winnsboro, TX 75494; 903/629-3016; jpyle@hughes.net

In 2004 Jeannette wrote:  "I work as an executive assistant at Coca-Cola Enterprises, Inc. (the company that bottles and sells America's #1 soft drink) in Dallas and will celebrate my 15-year anniversary there in February of 2005. Retirement for me is only a few years away, and my husband and I already own our retirement home - a comfortable little place on a beautiful private lake in East Texas. We spend most every weekend there now enjoying fishing, golfing, hosting dinner parties and just relaxing.  Louis and I celebrated our 29th wedding anniversary in September. We do not have any children but have been blessed with some wonderful nieces and nephews and now have two grand nephews to spoil rotten.  Our 'baby' is a sweet, chubby little beagle named Molly who is rarely out of our sights.  Louis works in the beverage industry too and his various positions over the years have offered us the opportunity to travel on numerous occasions to many parts of the United States, the wine country of California in particular, and to Italy. He currently represents a large line of German wines so we are hopeful there is a trip to Germany on the horizon. We are looking forward to attending my 4th ten-year reunion and hope to see a lot of my fellow Woodlawn classmates there. I welcome emails from everyone and would love to hear from old friends and acquaintances, especially those that are not able to attend the reunion."

2009 Update:  In March of 2007 we made a permanent move to our lakehouse and retirement home near Winnsboro in East Texas.  I now work for Presbyterian Hospital of Winnsboro.

2014 Update:  I retired in 2011 after a long working career that included teaching grades 7, 8, 10, 11 and 12 (reading, English and business courses) and working in various administrative/management positions in the legal field, the oil and gas industry, the beverage industry and, lastly, the healthcare industry.   Louis and I still live at our lakehouse on a small private lake in Northeast Texas.  We are enjoying retirement to the fullest!


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