Fair Porter, Connie - Missing Soul

Falkenberry McDonald, Katie - 204 Mountainview, Bedford, TX 76021; 817/271-5806; katie.mcdonald39@yahoo.com

Faudree Perkins, Norma - 1505 N. Smith Circle, Wichita, KS 67212; 316/689-4735; 316/943-8868; 316/943-7423

Faulkner, Tommy - 1856 Live Oak Drive, Shreveport, LA 71118; 318/687-5270

Feazel, Larry W. (spouse Gay) - 1325 N. Willard St., Altus, OK 73521; 580/482-3780 or (cell) 580/471-6684;   lwf46@sbcglobal.net

Larry wrote in December 2004:  "Did one year on the scholarship at Northwestern before the draft number hit me, before the draft deferral went into effect. Enlisted with the Air Force Sept. 65. Did my hitch, which included the assignment to Altus Air Force Base, here in Altus, OK, where I met my wife and got engaged three weeks before discharge. Married August 9, 1969, which resulted in three boys (Adam, Travis, Robert) and one angel (Bethany Dianne) in order listed. Now have seven grand ones by the boys and Bethany is still at home at 26. Adam is a Master-officer with the Altus Police Department; Travis is working with the State Department of Highways at the District Engineering office here; Robert is a Tech Sgt. in the Air Force and was recently deployed to Kunsan, S. Korea from Mt. Home, Idaho, where the family is staying until he returns in a year. I am a blessed man when it comes to family. My wife, Gay, was born and raised here. She is an Administration Specialist with Flight Safety, which trains C-5, C-17 pilots and navigators and KC-135 Tanker pilots and boom operators.  I am installing satellite systems which has been very good financially, but is very demanding time and travel wise.  

That spans a lot of years, leaving out canyons of details of living life and mountains of boredom to those who bother to read. Anyway, we are in good general health. I've lost a lot of hair, a few teeth, some hearing and sight, and mysteriously my buttocks. Why does that happen to men ... do they gravitate unwards to the belly?  You would think it would be the other way around, wouldn't you?  Oh well, strange stuff happens."

2014 Update: It would take too long to tell what I have been doing for the last half century.

Grandchildren: 10 grands; 1 great grand

Life lessons/experiences: Hard to decide. I went to Israel two times in 2009.

Fielder Donges, Dianne - 355 Carrollton, Shreveport, LA 71105; 318/868-9687

In 2004 Dianne wrote:  "Where did the time go? I was married 11 1/2 years. I have two children - Pamela Anna Lonidier (35) who lives in Shreveport and Henry Emil (Trey) Dongess III (32) who lives in Littleton, CO. On December 1, 2004, I will be a hairdresser for 43 years. I am self-employed at Clayton & Larry's on Youree Drive. I have three grandchildren, Johnny (19) Josh (15) and Myranda (8). I broke my first bone at 58-1/2. That was fun. I am healthy, not wealthy but wise..."

2009 - "I'm doing good for the condition I'm in.  I have heart problems and diabetes.  I work part-time and take care of my 84 year old mother.  My children are Pam (40) and Trey (36).  On December 1, I have been a haidresser for 47 years. I sure am tired.  But every day above ground is good."

2014 Update: Where did the time go? I am still single and like it. I am still working part time because of my health. I have been a hairdresser for fifty-two years. I am doing fine. I have two children – Pamela Anne Lonidier (45) who lives in Princton, LA and Henry Emil (Trey) Donges (42) who lives in Littleton, CO.

Grandchildren: I have three grandchildren: Johnny (29), Josh (24), and Myranda (17). There are two great-grandchildren: Chevie Nicole (4) in October and Desiree Elizabeth (4) in December and a new one on the way in September – a boy Kaiden Alexander. They all are in Lonidier. I am GGmaw. I am getting old and fluffy and it’s okay! Plan to work until I am 75 years old.

Life lessons: My thought on life is: Every day above ground is good even if it’s bad. My mother died in January. She was 88. I am 13 years six months smoke free – April 10, 2001.

Flores, Mike - 10579 Oakfield Drive, Keithville, LA 71047; 318/926-6485; michaelwflores@bellsouth.net

Foster Bates, Barbara Ann - 1007 Sparrow Drive, Murphy, TX  75094; (cell) 469/569-2849; brbrbts@yahoo.com 

In 2004 Barbara wrote:  "I have been employed for the past seven years by Boeing Aerospace. I am in Instructional Designer for the C-17 Aircrew Training System at Altus AFB. Over the past 15 years I have worked in military training - first for the US Army Transportation School; Army Training Support Command, TRADOC, and three weapon system platforms C-5, KC-135, and C-17 - for the USAF. I remarried in 1997 and became an instant grandmother of eight and stepmother to three additional children. We have added five more grandchildren and have welcomed our first grandchild's bride into the family since then. We now have grandchildren ages 16 months to 23 years. We get to do some traveling as the grandchildren are spread from Florida to Texas and Oklahoma and on to California. As I write this our youngest son, Parks Wilson, who is in the USAF, is in Iraq. His wife and children went through Hurricane Ivan without him home. My husband Jim and I are very involved with our church on the local, area and state levels. I am currently in the process of writing a book on the Air Transport Command's (ATC) role in China-Burma-India (CBI) during WWII. It is a life-long quest in honor of my father who served in the ATC in CBI from 1944 to 1945."

2009 - "We have recently moved to the Dallas area where we live with our son and his family in our retirement home. We have eight grandchildren and 1 great-grandchild. Looking forward to retirement in a few years."

2014 Update: My husband James Bates passed away in April 2013. I now have 5 great-grandchildren and each one a blessing. Still work for Boeing in Dallas but plan to retire at the end of July this year.

Foster, Robert - Missing Soul

Free, Ed - Deceased

Fuller, James R. - 6432 El Rancho Drive, Shreveport, LA 71129; 318/686-2497


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