Babineaux, James - 3418 Stonebrook Place, Shreveport, LA 71105; 318/865-9251

Bailey Hough, Beverly - 2651 Barron Rd. #202, Keithville, LA   71049; 318/925-4366

Bain, Jerry Wayne - 1930 Ma County Road 3509, Jefferson, TX 75657

Baker, Bill - 230 Hodge-Watson Rd., Calhoun, LA 71225; 318/396-2466 or (cell) 

Baldridge Lung, Joyce - Deceased

Balzrette, Carson - 5015 Timber Climb, San Antonio, TX 78250; 210/543-8408

Barber, Rick (spouse Barbara) - 5094 Chateau Ave., North Charleston, SC 29405; 843/529-0792; cell 843/514-4939;

In 2004 Rick wrote:  "Regretfully, we aren't going to be able to make it [to the 4-th Ten Year Reunion]. A project here at work that has been nearly two years in the making will be going into production November 8 and I'll be up to my ears in alligators from now until the end of December...Thanks for keeping me informed and if you want to keep me on your mailing list just so I can see what's happening, I'd appreciate it."

2009 - "I really regret that we can't come.  Because of our three dogs that can't be boarded, it would mean adding week-long nearly 2000 mile road trip in the motorhome to our already "up to our ears" schedule this summer.  In addition, we have a trip to Virginia Beach for our grandson's HS graduation, our granddaughter is coming down for the usual stay, and we have reservations for our annual motorhome trip to Myrtle Beach for a camping trip with the kids."  and "Thanks for keeping me in the loop.  I really do appreciate it,'s nice to be able to "listen in" on what's happening and I got a kick out of the last batch of photos."

2014 Update: Barbara and I celebrated 45 years of marriage December 2013, and I officially retired as an I.T. Network Administrator from the SC State Ports Authority in April 2013 after 24 years. Barbara quit working several years ago, and so far, we have been blessed with what I feel is pretty good health given how far out of warranty both of us are. Our retired Navy son and his wife, who we just now put on a cruise ship for a week-long 25th anniversary, gave us two grandchildren, Jeremy and Kendel, who is a college junior. As for retirement plans,  having already spent eight years as a full-timer aboard a sailboat, and having, as they say, celebrated the "second happiest day of boat ownership," I don't anticipate us sailing off into the sunset unless somebody else is running the boat. Unfortunately, we will be unable to make it for the reunion but please keep us in the information loop.

Barker Iseley, Jerianne (spouse Lee) - 2033 Butterfly Lane #301, Naperville IL 60563; 630/369-8007 or (cell) 630/287-1195;

2009 - Jerrianne is a published author and has a national speaking ministry.  She has been married to Lee Isley (pastor of Poplar Creek Church in Bartlett, Illinois) for over 40 years.  They have 3 children and 7 grandchildren.

Barnes McAdoo, Betty - 5701 Regents Park Rd., Kernsville, NC 27284; 336/996-2324

Barnette, Thomas Olen - Deceased

Bartholomew Abney, Ann (spouse Bill) - 9950 Ellerbe Road, Shreveport, LA 71106; 318/797-8178; 

2009 - still married to Bill...been 45 years.  "We're both retired and loving it.  We have 6 grandchildren (3 children) from 14 to 2 years old.  I can't wait to see everyone at the reunion."

2014 Update: Bill and I celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary and took all the family to Florida for a week. We try to work out 3 times a week and I volunteer at Schumpert Hospital.

Grandchildren: We have 7 extremely beautiful and intelligent grandchildren: Cooper (19) and Sarah (18), are leaving for college; Whit (14), Spencer (12), Charlotte and Henry (6 year old twins) and August (10 months). We are so lucky they all live here in Shreveport.

Life lessons: Marry your best friend; it makes life a lot easier!

Basinger, David (spouse Sheryl Lawrence - deceased) - P. O. Box 467, Millsap, TX 76066;

In 2004 David and Sheryl Lawrence Basinger wrote:  "David was at First Baptist Euless for 22 years as the Facility Director. It was a good place to be while raising his children. He was also in the National Guard for 32 years and just retired last year. He was on a peace-keeping mission in Bosnia for eight months. He now works for Centex Corp., and we are still in the DFW area. I lived in the DFW area when my daughter was small. I then moved back to Louisiana. I owned a small chain of video stores and a day spa. I sold both of them in the early 90s. I then moved to Ormond Beach, Florida. I lived there for ten years. That is in central Florida near Daytona Beach. Due to the wonders of the internet, and very good lifelong friends, David and I reconnected. He moved me to Texas in July of 2003. We were married at Carolyn Lindsay Blaikie and Tom's house on August 23, 2003. Together we have four children and four grandchildren, all living in this area. Of course, the grandchildren are the grandest in the world. We are very happy and will probably stay in the DFW area. My daughter is going to move to Austin, but that still isn't too far away. Of course, the last 40 years have been very full and eventful. Impossible to list everything here. This is just a very short update to let you know where we are now in our lives. We never forgot each other, and this just proves that even at our age, dreams still do come true. We met and fell in love in 1963, and finally got it together in 2003. Better late than never for sure. We are looking forward to our '4th ten-year reunion,' and visiting folks we haven't seen for so very long."

2009 - David is "still working but looking forward to retirement. We enjoy our 5 grandkids as often as possible.  Staying busy developing our online shopping store.  Just enjoyed another anniversary and looking forward to at least 30 more.  My wife is still beautiful and I am blessed to have her."  

Baughman, James David - Deceased

Bauman, Rodney Adam - No information provided

Bazer Barron, Betty (spouse Bruce) - 370 Spearsville Road, Spearsville, LA 71277; 318/778-765;

In 2004 Betty wrote:  "Bruce and I are both retired and enjoying the quiet life of the country. We have two children - Clint (25), a graduate student at LSU who plans to start teaching next year, and a daughter, Kelli (24) who is married to Jeremy Caraway of Shreveport.  She is a dental assistant."

2009 - They have two grandchildren (Jacob Caraway - 2 1/2 years and Evie - 7 months).  She and her husband are enjoying retirement in the country.  Bruce is working part-time on the voting machines in Union Parrish.

Beaird, Eugene (spouse Margaret) - P. O. Box 235, Jonesville, TX 75659; 903/687-3768 or (cell) 318/773-2783;

In 2004 Eugene wrote:  "Married to Margaret. Have two children, Chris is 35 and married to Renee Dawson. They have one daugher, Kayla Renee (6).  Ed (30) and his friend Sherrie Smith have a daughter Madaline Raine (17 months). Gene has been employed by GM for 23 years; Margaret has been employed by the Caddo Parish school Board for 23 years and is Cafeteria Manager at Westwood School."

Beaudry Pixley, Rita (spouse Larry) - 1300 Camina Contenta, Farmington, NM 87401; 505/327-7663

In 2004 Rita wrote:  "I have been married to the same wonderful man, Larry, for 36 years. We have two 'great' children, Danny and Honeybear and a beautiful granddaughter, Dannielle, age 8. I retired from banking after 23 years and have lived in Farmington, NM for 25 years."

Beene, Juanita - 6801 W. 70th, #101, Shreveport, LA 71129

Belk, Joe (spouse Susan)- 3617 Olde Park Road, Gulf Shores, AL 36542; (cell) 318/235-1662;

In 2004 Joe wrote:  "In 1996 I moved from Shreveport to Monroe to continue my career in construction equipment. I worked for US/United Rentals in sales until October 2003. I am now employed as Sales Manager for JPS Equipment - a Volvo Rents franchise. January 1998 I married Susan, the love of my life!  We now reside in the home we built on Bartholomew Bayou with our Golden Retriever, Bart. I look forward to seeing everyone!"

2014 Update:  Employed in the equipment industry - sales and rental of construction equipment. Still working - currently Sales Manager with a 3-state responsibility, 15 branches, and 27 sales people for a billion dollar company.

Grandchildren:  3 (Devin - UT Freshman; Conner - Future Cy Young winner; Riley Grace - Future Miss America

Life Lessons:  The Viet Nam experience illustrated how brief life can be and enhanced my desire to live and love to the fullest extent! 

2019 Update:  After graduation from WHS, I attended Louisiana Tech. I married between my sophomore and junior years and graduated in 1968.

With VietNam raging, my next destination was predetermind. I sought the best case scenario and enlisted in the Marine Corps. I attended OCS (Officer Candidate School) in Quantico, VA. I was promoted to 2nd lieutenant and also blessed with the birth of my daughter. After Camp Lejeune, NC, VietNam, and Camp Pendleton, CA, I returned to Shreveport in 1972.  

I remained in Shreveport until 1996 when I moved to Monroe. There I met and married Susan. We recently celebrated our 20th anniversary.

I retired in 2015 from Blue Line Rentals (construction equipment). I worked as a regional sales manager and covered 5 states.

We owned 2 rental condos in Gulf Shores, AL so the relocation there was a natural transition. We purchased a home on a golf course and continue to enjoy golf, boating, and fishing. Life here is truly paradise.

My daughter, Tracy, resides in Aledo, TX (Fort Worth area) with her husband, Eric, and 3 children. Devin is a recent graduate of the University of Texas. Connor is a star athlete (a sophomore in high school), and Riley Grace is a future Miss America.

Bentley, James - Missing Soul

Bernal Rogers, Eva - 9639 Darrell Street, Shreveport, LA 71106; 318/686-8356;

Berry, Bruce (spouse Donna) - 6805 Mimosa Lane, Dallas, TX 75230; 214/750-3785 or (cell) 281/802-5069;

In 2004 Bruce wrote:  "Donna Tiemann and I have been married 35 years. We have two daughters, Ashlea and Courtney. Since graduating from Louisiana Tech, we have lived in Ft. Worth, TX, Sioux City, IA, Louisville, KY, and now Missouri City, For the last 32 years, I have worked in the corrugated packaging industry. I am now General Manager and part owner of Brian Thomas Display and Packaging in Houston, TX. Donna taught school for eleven years and now enjoys being a homemaker."

2009 - Bruce is married to Donna Tiemann (Class of '65).  They have been in Missouri City, TX, for 21 years.  Bruce writes,"Once I retire we plan to move to Dallas.  We have 2 daughters and 3 grandchildren and are looking forward to one more sometime in the next couple of years."

2014 Update: What I have been doing…
Louisiana Tech – 1964-1968
General Dynamics – 1968-1972
Texas Christian University – 1968-1970 (MBA)
Married Donna Tiemann - 1969
Container Corp. of America – 1972-1988
Lived in Ft. Worth, TX – 1968-1981
Daughter (Ashlea) – 1972
Daughter (Courtney) – 1976
Moved to Sioux City, Iowa – 1981-1984
Moved to Louisville, Kentucky – 1984-1988
Moved to Houston, TX – 1988-2012
Worked for Houston Corrugated Box – 1988-1992
Worked for Brian Thomas Display & Packaging – 1992 to Present
Moved to Dallas, TX – 2012

Grandchildren: Riley (girl) – 6 and Hadley (girl) 2 – live in Dallas, TX and Caleb (boy) – 13 and Hannah (girl) – 9- live in Louisville, KY

2019 Update:  We have 2 daughters--Ashlea and Courtney. Ashlea lives in Louisville, KY and has 2 children, Caleb and Hannah. Courtney lives in Dallas and has 2 children, Riley and Hadley.

I retired on April 30, 2016, and keep busy reading, traveling, and spending time with the grandchildren.

Big event this year--our 50th wedding anniversary will be June 7, 2019.

Bice, David (spouse Betty Sue) - 8653 Chalmette Dr., Shreveport, LA 71115;

In 2004 David and Betty wrote:  "David married Betty Sue Higgins on 12/7/63 at Woodlawn Baptist Church. We have four children; our oldest son, David Lynn Bice, is married to Christine Marie Mittlesteadt and they have three girls -- Jill, Kristal and Nicole. They live in Massachusetts and are in the Army, stationed at Ft. Devens. Our other son and two girls live in heaven, watching over their family. David served 20 years in the Army. While in the Army, we lived in Kansas, Oklahoma, Georgia, Germany and Louisiana. David had two one-year tours in Korea and one year tour in Turkey. We now live in Gravette, Arkansas. We bought our home three years ago and David works for Dean Crowder Construction, driving a truck. Both of our parents are now in heaven also."

2014 Update: David served over 20 years in the U.S. Army serving tours in Korea, Turkey and Germany. We celebrated our 50th anniversary in December 2013. We had four children: David Lynn, married to Christine Mittlesleadt in Shreveport, LA after we returned from Germany, also served in the U.S. Army and was stationed in Germany, Bosnia, Kosovo and Macedonia; Timothy (4-1/2 months) died of crib death; Angela (11 days) died of birth defects; Our last daughter was still born on December 24th. 

Grandchildren: We have 3 granddaughters: Jill (30) who is not married and lives in Arkansas; Kristal (29) who is married and lives in Worcester, MA; and Nicole (26) who is not married and lives in Fitchburg, MA.

Life lessons: This life has been a journey with love, grief, overcoming and always our Lord has walked with us through good and bad. David and I have been volunteering with OCC/Samaritan Purse with the Shoe Box ministry for 10 years. We fill shoe boxes with toys, school supplies, and other things for children all over the world.

2019 Update:  Betty and I celebrated our 55th wedding anniversary in December 2018 and in September 2018, we moved back to Shreveport, our home town, and we are so happy to be back. Our oldest granddaughter, Jill, lives and works in Springdale, Arkansas and has a boyfriend. Our middle granddaughter, Kristal, lives in Massachusetts and married in 2012. Her husband has a daughter and her name is Lela. Our youngest granddaughter is in Massachusetts and has a job. Our son and his wife live in Fitchburg, Massachusetts. We are now members of Woodridge Baptist Church and love it. Hope to see as many of you as we can.

Bison, Kenneth - Deceased

Bizet Thomas, Mary Lou - 205 Furrh St., Marshall, TX 75672;

2019 Update:
3 children, 5 grandchildren
Spent last year reviving an old house in Marshall, Texas. Currently in the process of moving into it.
Took a river cruise from Amsterdam to Basel last summer with my sister.

2014 Update:  3 children; 5 grandchildren

Blackmon, Dennis - 1619 Fox Hollow Rd., Greensboro, NC 27410-3703

Blackmon, Larry G. - 1380 Avant Rd., West Monroe, LA 72191; 318/397-0257;

Blandino, Marvin Thomas - 6235 S. Lakeshore Drive., Shreveport, LA 71119; 318/631-7056

Bock Carbone, Marie - Missing Soul

Boswell, David Michael - 372 Ockley, Shreveport, LA 71105; 318/868-7269

Bounds Hurst, Barbara - 349 Greenacres Blvd., Bossier City, LA 71111; 318/746-4700

Box Babineaux, Carole S. - 9804 Wild Ginger Dr., McKinney, TX 75070;  (cell) 469/667-4169; 

In 2004 Carole wrote:  "Since I saw many of you last, I have married a wonderful man after moving to Corpus Christi. Bruce Babineaux (no kin to James) and I were married in 2000 and spent the first three years of our marriage traveling to many places we had never seen. Bruce is now battling cancer and unfortunately will be unable to attend the reunion although I would love for him to meet you all. If I am not there, it is because of his health. I am in my 15th year of teaching high school journalism. I now teach at Tuloso-Midway High School. My four wonderful children and two stepsons have given us eight "perfect" grandchildren ranging in age from 4 to 15. If I am unable to attend, or if I miss seeing you at the reunion, I want you to know that I tell my students on a regular basis that they should enjoy their high school years because they are truly the best years of their lives. When they look at me with disbelief, they get the story of WHS and those golden three years we shared there. I have even been known to sing the 'Alma Mater' and 'fight song' for them, but they love the story of 'The Stripper' the best."

Update:  Carole's husband passed away shortly after the 40th year reunion.  She has moved to McKinney, Tx and teaches at Liberty High School in Frisco I.S.D.

2009 - "I am still teaching journalism and photography at the high school level.  I am currently at Liberty HS in the Frisco school district.  I hope to continue teaching for six more years to be able to get my 2 granddaughters who live here and will attend Liberty out of high school before I retire.  I have four fantastic children and six wonderfulo grandchildren who are the most important part of my life.  I love to travel - anywhere - any time.  My years at Woodlawn and the people I met there have influenced my life in so many ways.  I often refer to those years when teaching my classes.  The 1964 Accolade is a permanent fixture in my classroom."

2014 Update:  A quick update on the last 50 years includes three sons (Garth, Roger and Craig Groves), one daughter (Charlotte Groves Faught), two grandsons (Joshua and Justin Groves) four granddaughters (Faith and Hope Vanderbilt, Mikayla Groves and Peyton Groves) and one great-granddaughter (Rylee Mae). Since leaving Shreveport in '79, I've lived in Lindale, Van, Corpus Christi and now McKinney, Texas. I started teaching over 25 years ago (a late bloomer my children say) and continue to teach journalism, photojournalism and advise the yearbook. I am now at Liberty High School in the Frisco ISD.  I will likely stay there until they carry me out kicking and screaming or feet first. I married Bruce Babineaux in 2000 in Corpus Christi. Bruce passed away in 2005.

Life lessons:  You are never too old to fall in love, and learning to forgive those who hurt you is the greatest healing force of all.

Box, Gerald L. - 10734 Park Village Place, Unit D, Dallas, TX 75230; 214/739-0655;

In 2004 Gerald wrote:  "I have retired from CPA and Search Consulting work and enjoy reading and gardening. I have been in Dallas since graduating from Oklahoma State University (MS - Accounting) and Louisiana Tech (BS - Accounting). My son Stephen is married and resides in Dallas also. I have stayed busy with church work and traveling as well as business investments with  my partner, Bruce Ryrie. I have recovered financially since our last reunion but that has very little effect on my happiness and contentment - it simply takes away the worry of mundane money issues. I am really looking forward to seeing everyone!"

2009 - "I have been single for over 20 years and am still living in Dallas since graduate school.  I am considering another career in the field of household management for which I have become certified.  If my retirement plan goes south with the stock market, I have a back-up strategy in place.  I look forward to seeing everyone again."

2014 Update:  Over the last half century, worked through three careers:  CPA, Management Search Consultant and Certified Household Manager. Looking forward to retiring soon.

Life Lessons:  God has granted me:  the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; the courage to change the things I can; and the wisdom to know the difference.

Boyett Ewoldsen, Judy (Jim) - 8209 Juliette Drive, McKinney, TX 75071; (cell) 972/547-4632;

Braly, Gary (spouse Sandra) - 2916 Rolling Oaks Dr., Cleburne, TX 76031

In 2004 Gary wrote:  "I am in my 21st year of law enforcement. Currently, I am the Constable of Precinct 4 of Johnson County, Texas. On 11/2/04, I will win my 3rd election. This, by far, was the easiest since no one ran against me. Term ends 12/31/08. Married to Sandra DeFreeze (Fair Park '64) for 40 years. We have two married daughters and five grandchildren. All live in Cleburne. My wife teaches 3rd grade in Cleburne ISD. I have a degree in criminal justice and have been a part-time instructor at Hill College in Cleburne and Hillsboro. Also, I served eight years as Municipal Judge of Rio Vista, TX. We like to hook up the 5th wheel and travel. We hunt and fish and enjoy riding in the boat and taking in the scenery; visiting family and friends; particiating in church activities; civic and political events..."

2014 Update:  For last 50 year I have been busy with life. I am
still working and am an elected law enforcement officer, Constable Precinct 4 of Johnson County, Texas. Currently in my fifth term. I have been a full-time law enforcement officer for over 30 years and I also served as a reserve officer for 5 years. My degree is in Criminal Justice and I was a part-time instructor at Hill College in 1994 and 1995. I also served as a Municipal Judge for 8 years. The rest of the 50 years was spent working in the private sector. My wife, Sandra DeFreze (Fair Park '64), is a retired school teacher. On October 2, we celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary. We have two daughters, age 47 and 44, who live in Cleburne with their families. We are involved in church and civic activities. I spend may days hunting and fishing for recreation and in our 5th wheel.

Grandchildren: We have 6 (2 boys and 4 girls). Granddaughters ages 23, 13, 10 and 5. Grandsons ages 16 and 10. The 10-year olds are twins. The 23-year old lives in Granbury which is about 30 miles away in an adjoining county.

I am looking forward to seeing faces not seen in many years. We will only be attending the Friday night activity and will attend my wife’s Fair Park reunion activities on Saturday.

2019 Update:  Children -- 2 daughters, ages 48 and 51
Grandchildren -- 6 total, 4 girls and 2 boys
Enjoy hunting, fishing, church activities, some travel
Retired from law enforcement on August 31, 2016
Celebrated 54th anniversary on October 2, 2018

Britt, Danny - P.O. Box 109, Greenwood, LA 71033; 318/938-7330

Britt, Gary - Missing Soul

Brooks, Charles Michael - 1400 Stuart Circle, Bossier City, LA 71112; 318/742-7494 or (cell) 318/754-5270; 

2014 Update:  "I was in the Navy after graduating and served on board the USS Yorktown during the Vietnam War (1964-69). After returning home, I went to work for Western Electric. In July of '69 I married my high school sweetheart Ronda Rice (WHS '65); we celebrate our 45th anniversary this July.  I have three sons - Chad, Aaron, and Brad - and three fantastic grandchildren - Jennifer, Zach, and Shannon. I look forward to seeing everyone at the reunion."

Brown, John Laird - Listed on

Bryant Shelton, Marilyn - 414 Forest Avenue, Shreveport, LA 71104

Buckley, E. T. (Tom) - Deceased 2018

Budemer Long, Gretchen (spouse Burton) - 3063 Hayes Drive, Shreveport, LA 71118; 318/688-2502;

In 2004 Gretchen wrote:  "Been married to Burton Long since 1/28/66. We are the parents of one daughter, Jamie, and grandparents to three-year old twins, Luke and Anna, and 3-month old Erin Grace. I work for a grant program called Tech Prep through the Caddo Parish School Board and was housed at Woodlawn for six years before moving to the Caddo Career & Technology Center. Burton and I recently moved after being in the same house over 25 years. No one said it would be fun or easy, and it was neither! We are settled in now, but not completely unpacked and may not be for some time."

Burks, Paul Ray - Missing Soul

Burnley Pearce, Barbara Anne - 9582 Stevens Road, Shreveport, LA 71106

Burson Parish, Judy - 4023 Raspberry Ct., Dickinson, TX 77539; 281/337-6448 or (cell) 713/816-4122;

2014 Update: What I have been doing for the last half century: 37 years in banking; moved to Houston area in 1989; retired in 2013; married the love of my life in June, 1983; have one daughter who lives in Memphis, TN.

Grandchildren: 4 grandchildren – 3 boys and 1 girl; 1 great grandson 

Butler, Danny - 707 Irving Bluff Rd, Shreveport, LA 71107

Butler, David Alan (spouse Rose) - 1909 Roosevelt Drive, Ruston, LA 71290; 318/255-7809;

2009 - David has taught high school band for 35 years.  He now plays sax in Monroe, Shreveport and all over the area.  He plays country music mainly.  Unfortunately for us, he will be playing elsewhere (Bossier VFW) the night of our Reunion.  David is married to Rose, a graduate of Springhill HS.

Butler, James Emmet - Deceased


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